Digital Academy

It is a customer-focused mentoring program, where our experienced engineers -our movers- teach and accompany applicants based on a specific client project.

The business of the clients and their contextual reality usually entails a certain complexity that leads to a long time of understanding about them, about their culture, about their requirements and needs. This translates into a considerable initial curve of learning and maturity for the team to be ready, or at least so that they can deliver at a more than acceptable velocity.

That’s why Digital Motus created this flexible-mentoring program committed to providing and allocating prepared talents to the client which were trained and focused in the client business and projects

How does it work?

  • Junior engineers working in the client’s projects as shadowing -with no cost for the client- who will gain experience in the client’s business and industry through their own projects and technologies, and they will be ready to join the active team actually delivering added value to the client.
  • Our experienced engineers -the movers- acting as mentors and referents to our applicants.
  • Mentors will introduce, guide and train candidates into client’s business, processes, projects and technologies.
  • Mentors work together with the training team, prepared by DM for this program.

Benefits to the client

  • No cost for having junior engineers working in their projects as shadows
  • Capacity remains steady
  • Velocity is not seriously affected
  • The client decides when the resource becomes billable.
  • The client knows in advance the estimated duration of the program, therefore the client knows when the resource is available to join the team as a full active resource

Benefits to the junior engineer

  • Gain experience in a real project of a client with the latest technologies
  • The becoming mover is allocated in a specific project once he ends up the academy process
  • Is able to continue completing his studies while he is working part-time in his project assignment

We build professional talents together